Charlotte NC is in the heart of the Piedmont of North Carolina


One of the Fastest Growing Business Communities in USA

Web Design in Charlotte NC is important to bussiness in one of the fastes growing areas in the country. The growth of new people and families  moving here is extremly high. If you own a small business and want to reach new people then you need a web site that is informative and easy for people to find.

Custom Efficient Web site  Design

A Propery designed website is essential to help people new to the area find out about your products and seervices. K Town Design reaserches your market and designs a web site that is particular to your market and business. We do not use boiler plate templates.

SEO is an important part if web design

We offer basic SEO in our designs and help you get found on the web. We also offer some of the fastest and the best hosting available. Your site will load fast and keep your potential clients  on your site to find out about the product and or services you offer.

Experienced web design

We have over 10 years experience in webdesign and development and you will not find a webdesign company that is more responsive to your needs

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