Social MediaDo you take advantage of email for your church growth? If you have a new product or service, how do you let your community know? If you have a special event, how do you get the word out? E-Mail campaigns and Social Media are a way get the word out today. It is in-expensive and can actually cost you little or nothing.



Email address are golden opportunities to keep your community informed about your organization.  You can keep them informed of your event and services. . You can use email to draw visitors to your campus.

Social Media

Today Social Media is a wonderful way to grow your church. People today use social media such as Facebook as a way to reach new people and you can run targeted adds for very little money. There are may other social media outlets like Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

I can help you get started on how to do targeted campains that reaches your potential visitors. Make an appointment and I can show you some new ways to reach your community.

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