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10 Tips How Your Website Can Bring More Customers to Your  Business



A Website Can Bring New People

According to statics we are a more mobile society than in any time in history. From 2017 to 2018, according to The Charlotte Business Journel, 44,350 moved to the Charlotte and surrounding area. That is 853 new people a week and or 122 each day.

How many of those people finding you and coming to your business?

The majority find product and service by searching online. If you don’t have a good website, then you are losing money out of your pocket. Some other business is getting your share. A well-designed website is a necessity in today’s business world, no matter your business size.

Excite People to Give You Money

If your business website is not exciting enough to bring you new customers and bring more money to your pocket, then maybe it is time to remodel your website to excite new people about your business.


1.Think Big

Just because you are not a major corporation don’t mean you can’t have a great website. Go look at some competitor’s websites and see how they look. Go to large corporation websites and get an idea how they look and feel.

Slow Websites Loose Business

This one of the most important things you can do. Slow load speeds and site problem will run people away from your website quicker than a snake on the sidewalk. Three seconds load time is about all you have before people move on. If your site is always broken, then no one can find your business. Don’t be roped in by cheap 99 cent webhost or you will be rewarded with slow and broken website. Most of the cheap host is shared hosting. You are on the same server with thousands of other users and it will pretty much guarantee you slow page loads. Buy the best hosting you can afford.

3. I Can’t Spell URL

Next to good hosting, the URL you select is urgently important. If you are a business, then try to get a .com. If you are a non-profit get an .org. there are many others available such as .net, .biz., etc. Most of the trick URL’s, like are already taken or bought by companies that resell them for a ridiculous price, sometime in the thousands of dollars. Avoid using URL with hyphens or hard to spell words or excessively long names,, probably won’t work very well. is much better. Try not to pick one that is used by a competitor and just adding your city name, and never ever use a hyphen. If you do, I guarantee your potential clients will end up on your competitor’s site. An example may be and you try getting Make sure you secure your web site with a security certificate so that you can get an https:// prefix. Search engines penalize you for non-secure websites and web browsers may stop you from going directly to a plain http:// site. Look for the closed padlock at the beginning of the URL.

4. Websites Sell Solutions

Sell solutions not products or services. People are looking for solutions to problems. If you sell mouthwash for bad breath you are more likely to sell to a person that has bad breath than a person whose breath always smells like vanilla. If you have a driveway that is broken up you are looking for someone to repair it, and if you own a concreate finishing business that has a website that talks about driveway repair, and the person “Googles” driveway repair, you are more likely to show up on his search. Think like your customers, not like a business owner selling 4500psi concreate.

5. That is One Ugly Photo

A picture is worth 1000 words, is the old saying. A good relevant photo is worth 1000 views on your website. Web photos must look good and be a small file size. Again, that is where good hosting comes in. Photos are one of the biggest culprits to slowing page load times. Use compressed photo formats with file sizes no larger than necessary. Print media typically need photos of at least 300dpi. A website does not need more than 72dpi. Actually, the dpi is not near as important as file size. If you have a photo that need to cover the entire webpage then you will need a larger file size but if you only need a thumbnail size, then don’t use a full-size photo. The photo needs to match your business. Stock photos are fine but actual professional photos of your business and products are far superior. Just make sure you have copyright permissions for any photos’ you do not own. If you don’t, it could cost, you a lot of money in lawsuits.

6. A 1000 Words is not Like a Picture

Every web designer knows content is king. Again, with content you need to think like your customer. Don’t try to impress them with your knowledge and technical jargon. Write your content the way you would talk to them in person. There are many tricks a technique to writing good web site content. This is where a professional copywriter can be worth their weight in gold. And believe me you may need some gold when you hire one. You can do a pretty good job of writing content yourself, but I suggest that you find a copywriter course online and take it. There are some at a reasonably priced course available. has some great courses at a very reasonable price. I use them a lot. Break up your content into sections with h1, h2,or h3 headers. Heading text is prime keyword real estate. Above all be brief and to the point don’t ramble on. Use you words wisely, people are not going to read page after page of boring text.

7. Do your Homework

The real fun part starts with doing your homework. Research is probable the most enlightening part of the journey to a good website. Get to really know your market and your competitors. What do they offer that you don’t? What do you offer that they don’t? Now, you are really getting somewhere. Find out what makes you unique in your market and put more cash in your pocket by finding your special place and exploit it. What are the keywords that people use to find products or services in your market? You must find keywords that you can rank for in search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Check out the keywords on Google Trends and find out how active they are. Keywords can be seasonal. You need to know that too. For example, take the heating and air-conditioning service business. In the winter people are likely to search for heating repair and in the summer air-conditioning repair. You get the idea.

8. Website Content is King

The saying in the web design business is “Content is King”. That is absolutely the truth. A website that gives people the information they are looking for will out rank a pretty site with a lot of gimmicks any day of the week. Writing good content is difficult and there are some tricks. I suggest that you look at some copywriter tricks and hints and give it a try.  Write the way you talk and to an audience everyday people not college professors. I know, I just said all that above, but it is so important that it bears repeating. If you write to the common folk, you will be much better understood and get your point across. The results is you will improve your relationship with the people you are trying to reach. In other words, BE Humble.

9. Update Often

Websites don’t like to be avoided and neglected, if you do, your ranking will suffer. There is also a good chance that someone can hack into your site and do some ugly things. Keep your content current and do your updates. All Software and code have holes in it and the coders are constantly updating the code to keep their software secure from hacker that exploit security holes. Search Engines know when your site is not current and will move you down in the ranking. Your site can also crash if not updated. Update your site at least once a month. Most web design companies will have a maintenance plan and can do it for you if you want to concentrate on your business.

10. Traffic is Terrible Today

You need to know if your website is doing the job. The only way you can is to look at the traffic going to your site. How are your clients or potential clients using your web site? You can use tools like Google Analytics and some commercial tools like Spyfu to find out. Then based on what you see the adjust your site accordingly. Do a new keyword search if needed. Find out how people are getting to your site.  Is it Organic traffic, traffic from your social media accounts or from outside backlinks. Again, a good maintenance plan through a web design or marketing agency can handle all this for you.




So, I hope you find these tips helpful. If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way to drawing in those new customers to bring more money to your business. I know it is a lot, but the rewards can be many, if you have a properly designed and maintained website.

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